This 6500 square foot traditional Tudor style home was designed for a professional couple with young children. They wished to have the elegance of a circular stairway yet the home had to accommodate the informal needs of a young family


Tastefully integrated into an up-sloping lot, this residence was designed as a home for its builder. The result is a home that serves as an example of the quality, taste and experience of the contractor.


A finely appointed and detailed home, this house was designed and built as a speculative property on a golf course lot. With the considerable investment involved, it was critical to design a home that would satisfy the demands of the most discerning buyer.


This very large 8400 square foot home was designed to accommodate an extended family. In addition to the needs of the parents and children, this home provides a living area for a parent while maintaining privacy when needed. In addition to the areas expected in a home this size, there is a four-car garage, large deck and swimming pool, media room, library, and many more features.


This 4600 square foot home needed to accommodate large group functions while still providing quiet, intimate spaces for its owners. The design takes full advantage of its corner location to allow both formal and family-oriented entrances.


These duplex Townhomes were designed to downplay the feeling and appearance of multi-family living. The garages and entrances were carefully separated and oriented differently to give a sense of identity to each owner. These units have proven very popular with buyers looking for the advantages of both single and attached housing.




As a home in a more typical mid-size range, the multiple levels of living space allow this family to have a variety of choices in living areas. Whether it's a family activity that all gather for, or the need for one's own space, a well designed home can help everyone live in harmony.


When a family starts growing and budgets aren't unlimited, the economy and size of a multi-level home can often answer those needs. This story and a half house can provide that economy while still allowing for some height and visual interest in living areas.


Even if your space needs are more modest, your home should still provide tasteful design and pride of ownership. Small and medium sized homes can be well designed, well appointed and comfortable.


Brandon Woods Community Building
This Community Building functions as a multi-use facility for the Townhome residents of the Brandon Woods Retirement Community. With several meeting areas, a large kitchen, a game/craft room, and modestly sized living room, the building can handle groups from a few to well over 100. This facility is designed with the flexibility to allow the users to configure its uses.


The Dance Gallery
The Dance Gallery is a privately owned and operated dance school providing instruction for students of all ages. Within this 11,000 square foot facility there are four major dance studios of varying size. The building's wood frame construction helped maintain a modest budget and comfortable environment for its students.


McGrew Realty - 6th Street
Formerly Lawrence Realty Associates, the 6th Street facility for McGrew Realty is part of a three building complex in a fast growing area of Lawrence, Kansas. Although traditional in its exterior form and interior detailing, this structure incorporates the most current audio, video, and computer networking systems necessary to succeed in the competitive and fast moving area of real estate sales and development.


McGrew Realty - !5th & Kasold
The main offices of McGrew Real Estate have stood the test of time. This facility was built 15 years ago as the gateway to new areas being developed by this marketing and development real estate firm. Today, as then, this facility is a prominent part of their corporate image.


Neu Physical Therapy Center
Neu Physical Therapy Center was constructed in 1993 to provide a new and expanded home for its owner and staff. There was a conscious effort to avoid an institutional appearance and that carries thru to the cozy living room style waiting area complete with a fireplace. In addition to individual and occupational therapy areas, this facility includes an indoor warm water pool for water aerobics and therapeutic use.

Stone Creek Restaurant
This restaurant is an adaptive reuse project . The original structure was a home built by a plumbing contractor in the 1950's, and its masonry, steel and concrete construction had the commercial/industrial elements that fit the client's renovation concept. Although much was changed, parts of this structure are still visible in what can now only be described as a rustic and eclectic design.

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